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Large City
Population 18,486
Races 83% human, 4% dwarf, 2% dragonborn, 2% eladrin, 2% elf, 2% halfling, 2% tiefling, 1% genasi, 1% half-elf, 1% other
Rulers King Ornan Roaryl, Queen Ileosa Roaryl
Important Figures Seneschal Neolandus Kalepopolis, Field Marshal Cressida Kroft, Commandant Marcus Thalassinus Endrin, Lictor Sever DiVri, Lord Glorio Arkona, Toff Ornelos
Colors Black and crimson slashed with silver
Mascot Hippogriffs, which serve as mounts for the city’s elite Sable Company
Motto Fidelity and Strength

Mindset Confidence and competence are the greatest of assets. Weakness and indecisiveness are to be heckled and derided. Ostentatious displays of wealth, power, and knowledge are to be respected and admired.

Laws Harsh punishments far in excess of the crime face anyone who breaks the law. With some minor exceptions. Nonviolent crimes may receive leniency by registering with the thieves guild, the Cerulean Society, or paying a vice tax. Anyone engaging in a vice, such as drugs or prostitution, need only pay their vice tax regularly and become entirely exempt from prosecution.

Religion A new concept introduced in the last century after the Spellplague made the gods available, religion has had difficulty finding a foothold among many common citizens. There is a church, the Pantheon of Many, where all may worship any god. Three other gods have footholds in the city.
The Great Bank also serves as a church of Waukeen, and over the last century the followers of Waukeen have become so embedded in city politics and coffers that they officially manage the Stormhelm Guards on behalf of the kingdom.
The Grand Cathedral of Kelemvor watches over the Gray district, ensuring that undead are far less of a problem than in years past. Outside of that district or its charge of fighting undeath, the priesthood has little power.
Finally, the Temple of Asmodeus is a less-loved, but still powerful presence in the city. In order to defeat the dragon Eskornmundyr who enslaved the region, one of its heroes made a pact with Asmodeus for assistance. Centuries and one Spellplague later, a freed Eskorn paid the price with a temple in its capital sanctified by thirteen virgin sacrifices. All supposedly volunteers. Rumors persist that a slave trade is run through the temple, but frequent searches by guards have turned up no evidence. The church of Asmodeus competes with the church of Waukeen for the right to verify and bear witness to contracts and oaths of fealty or service.

Areas of Stormhelm
 East Shore: This district lies east across the Jaggare River. It’s home to a handful of noble houses closely tied to the military of the city, as well as the struggling Theumanexus College of Magic.
    Locations of Note: Theumanexus College, Leftover’s Inn, Horse Shop, Shoreline Drinkhall

 Gray: Unlike all the other districts in Stormhelm, Gray’s residents mostly stay to themselves and are genuinely well-behaved. Of course, most of those residents are dead. Gray District holds four tiny wards: Gold ward, Everyman ward, Potter’s ward, and Sepulcher ward. Burial costs range from 1 cp for internment in Potter’s ward to 1500gp or more for Gold. The only living creatures who reside in Gray belong to the church of Kelemvor and live within the temple.

 Heights: Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down on – both figuratively and literally. Nearly all of Stormhelm’s power players reside in the Heights. The Heights District holds three wards: Citadel Crest, Cliffside, and University.
    Locations of Note: Upslope House, The Frisky Unicorn, Temple of Asmodeus, Gilded Orrery, Jittery Quill, Jeggare Museum, University of Stormhelm, The Wise Dragon Inn, Tenna’s, Marbledome, Kendall Amphitheater, Crested Falcon, The Overlook

 Midland: A cosmopolitan and friendly district situated on the leeward side of Citadel Hill. Midland stretches from the end of Enderin’s Wall south to Gray District and the Pillar Wall. The home district of both the Stormhelm Guard and the Sable Company, Midland is very safe from violent crime, but the thieves guild still does a brisk trade amongst the high number of merchants, banks, and other commercial concerns. It encompasses the wards of High Bridge, Pillar Hill, Slope, and West Dock.
Citadel Volshyenek: The headquarters of the Stormhelm Guards.
High Bridge: Many families of the Guards and Sable Company live in High Bridge, as well as some of the more successful families of those who work on the West Dock.
Pillar Hill: About half of the city’s longeshoremen and fishermen live in the cheap tenements of lower Pillar Hill, while fabulously wealthy merchants live on top Pillar Hill beneath the shadow Castle Stormhelm.
Slope: This ward exists on the eastern slope of Citadel Hill and overlooks West Dock and the Jeggare River. It holds numerous libraries, museums, and other places of culture.
West Dock: This rugged ward holds no residences, instead housing an extensive number of warehouses and fish processing and meat packing facilities. The prevailing winds push the meaty stink southeast, providing Citadel Volshyenek and much of High Bridge with unending waves of unpleasantness.
   Locations of Note: Bookmaker, Bailer’s Retreat, Gold Market, Eodred’s Walk, Citadel Volshyenek, Creaky Hammock, Eodred’s Square, Pestico’s Dolls and Figurines

 North Point: North Point houses many of the city’s oldest non-noble families. Stormhelm’s seat of municipal power stands in North Point, as does the city’s courthouse and the Bank of Waukeen. The district covers the entire northern end of the city and includes the wards Five Corners, Mainshore, Northgate, and Ridgefield.
Five Corners:
   Locations of Note: Laughing Wave Inn, The Dock Trade, Whitecaps, Longacre Building, City Hall, Great Bank of Waukeen, Three Rings Tavern, Sanctuary of Flowers, Avenue of Arms, Posh and Turtle

 Oldtown: While most of the city is built on top of ruins, Oldtown contains a number of still intact buildings from before Eskorn’s defeat seven hundred years ago. The district covers all of Endrin Isle and contains the wards Bridgefront, Old Dock, Garrison Hill, and the moldering Fort Korvosa.
Fort Korvosa:
Garrison Hill:
Old Dock:
    Locations of Note: Palace Arkona, Old City Hall, Orsini Academy, Endrin Military Academy, Reefclaw Run Market, Sticky Mermaid, Jeggare’s Jug, Copper Beater Hall, Eel’s End, Exemplary Excrables, Travelling Man, Hessim, Newby, and Safe Paint Manufactory, The Ironworks

 South Shore: The newest district officially added to the city, created when the first foundation stone was set for the Pantheon of Many. South Shore consists mainly of the city’s new rich hoping to escape the cramped conditions elsewhere in the city. No wards divine South Shore and a small enclave built specifically as an embassy for the elves of the Feywild stands in the district.
    Locations of the Note: Orkatto’s Feathers and Fur, Green Market, Bard’s End, Jade Circle, Pantheon of Many


 Castle Korvosa: The castle

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