Interlude - Getting the Band Back Together

After the award ceremony at the palace, the Band returns to its headquarters in the nice part of town, more than ready for a few days of sleep. After opening the front gate, Tamar holds up a hand to the group and dashes inside, returning a bare minute later with a pleased smile on her face. “Band follow Trumpet please,” she urges.

She leads you to the former masters’ carriage house, and you immediately notice its windows are fogged to opacity. Tamar opens the door and gestures solemnly. A wave of humid air rolls over you as you enter, and Tamar moves to a row of hooks along a wall and begins unashamedly stripping down. Glancing around, you see a large fire pit dominating the room, encircled by several rough stones for sitting. The Jade Servant hops between the fire pit and a water barrel, creating the hissing steam that fills the building. It looks simultaneously pleased and exhausted.

“Tamar tribe have sacred bath tent. This next to same.” Tamar is pulling Salvador’s armor off with some rapidity. Salvador looks alternately embarassed and overwhelmed, but he’s not resisting. Suyin, perhaps familiar with tribal customs, is already scrubbing his back with the provided brushes and towels as he sits by the fire. Paxton, as usual, takes care of himself.

Once the group is naked and clean(er), Tamar stands and clears her throat. “Spirit shaman head in box bring Band together. Band save city, rest of Band. Band like family. Tamar miss tribe, miss plains, but love Band. Tamar think. Tamar charge. Tamar think more. Band and tribe, same to Tamar. So Tamar make same. Spirit shaman head in box not only shaman with magics.”

She turns and goes to a corner of the room, clearly displaying a terrible mass of scar tissue slantwise across her back. You’re surprised that whatever made that cut didn’t slice Tamar clean in half. Returning, she displays a sharp bone knife and a pot of the tattoo inks recovered from the mad painter. “Tamar daughter of Pig Sticker, shaman to Three Bears tribe. Pig Sticker show Tamar many thing of tribe history.” She moves to Salvador, dips the knife in the pot, and quickly traces a design on his left shoulder. She chants harsh, guttural syllables in a language you don’t understand as she works. With a shout, she slashes her arm with the bone knife and presses the bloody wound to Salvador’s shoulder. His whole body spasms, and he slumps to the ground. As she moves around the circle to perform the rite on each of you, you can see the tattoo of a small bear on her shoulder, matching the one she carves into your flesh. (You each take 5 points of damage that cannot be reduced in any way.)

Tamar presses her most recent wound to Paxton’s shoulder, wobbles, and collapses. As you carry her into the main building, the Jade Servant scurrying anxiously behind you, the icons on your shoulders begin to glow with a soft golden light. You feel more connected, somehow, as another tie binds your group more closely together, your shared power strengthening you all.



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