Humans are by far the most common, most a mix of former slave, people of the swordlands to the south, and travelers. There are a surprising number of native Vistani, perhaps 1 in 10 people, though they are ill trusted and associated with thievery, a prejudice that sometimes lead to harassment and even lynching. There are also a small number of Shoanti, a barbarian tribe whose horselords once helped free Eskorn. A semi-nomadic people whose members occasionally raid merchants of the kingdom, Shoanti living in the city are often associated with these raiders and met with violence. A treaty with the city has gifted the Shoanti the nearby Skaldwood and most choose to live in safety there.

Dwarves are among the most trusted people in the city, renowned for their work with metal and stone, and mercantile honesty.

Dragonborn are well respected members of the kingdom, but are fairly scarce as most are working in other parts of Returned Abeir to fight against the dragons that still remain.

Eladrin and Elves, known collectively and indifferently as elves in the city, are newcomers to Stormhelm. After the Spellplague, elves began to emerge from the Feywild from the nearby forest. They quickly struck a peace accord with the city and have maintained a consul in the city for the last century. The current Feywild ambassador, Perishial Kalissreavil, has decided that there is too large a gap between the elves and humans of the city, and has taken on the arduous task of bridging that gap and strengthening the diplomatic bonds by gifting countless half-elven children on the fair young women of the city.

Halflings are not native to Eskorn, but halfling ships have come to dominate most of the local shipping trade. They are particularly common in the docks, in the employ of merchant families other than Arkona, and in support industries.

Genasi are natives of Returned Abeir, although not necessarily of Eskorn, so are still fairly rare. Unusual enough to impress the children, but known enough for adults to ignore.

Tieflings of various sorts have made their way to Stormhelm ever since the Temple of Asmodeus was created. While the first were no doubt ill intentioned, later tieflings might have come simply due to their small community. They are particularly welcomed at the Acadamae, where there is an entire tiefling guard contingent. Many people distrust them, but never voiced within sight of a cleric of Asmodeus or Hellknight.

Other races are increasingly rare. Gnomes are well respected at the Acadamae for their magical knowledge. There are several half-orcs employed as bodyguards, as well as more than a few living in Oldtown. Deva find the city a trying experience.


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