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  • Tamar's Log - Vol. 1

    Tamar have dream of woman who lay cards, like some shaman Tamar hear about. Tamar is Crows, like sept. Good dream shaman, Zellara. Dream tell Tamar to meet Bunny King, Thief, and Cricket. Bunny King wear much noisy metal, and talk funny. Thief show …

  • Tamar's Log - Vol. 2

    City on fire. King die. Queen maybe die. Band take childs to orphan home. One of childs is lost Graka! Graka is safe!

    After childs safe with Miss Maggie, Band see great bird and birdman fall to earth. Birdman saved by Cricket, but great bird shot …

  • Tamar's Log - Vol. 3

    Band search crypt for necromancer Rolth and body of Gaeken grandson of Thousand Bones. Necromancy death magics. First room have bone piles, Salvador say ossuary. Large bone creature, many small skeletons. Tamar smash skeleton with bow for Locksmith. …

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