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Tamar's Log - Vol. 1

Tamar have dream of woman who lay cards, like some shaman Tamar hear about. Tamar is Crows, like sept. Good dream shaman, Zellara. Dream tell Tamar to meet Bunny King, Thief, and Cricket. Bunny King wear much noisy metal, and talk funny. Thief show way with large bow. Bad for horseback. Cricket sing strong battle chants, like Mother.

Woman say place to kill child stealer, want we give her cards like from dream. Group go to childs home, many childs sad but some smart. Childs tell of half-orc – half-orc! who work for child stealer. Tamar vow to kill this traitor half-orc. Bunny King talk of Judges. All turn out same thing.

Group go to fish hut to kill child stealer and half-orc. Also there man who throw glue, small man who stab Bunny King, mangy dog, shark, and crocodile. Tamar swim, fight, not kill half-orc or child stealer. Group do, though. Group strong in fighting ways. Have eyes, ears, strong arms. Child stealer fell Tamar, so Tamar not sure, but think Cricket kill child stealer. Tamar save head.

Dream shaman dead for much time. Group find head in box with cards like from dream. Tamar think cards cursed, because city burning down and city chiefs maybe is dead. Tamar try to tell group to leave…we see if group listen.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 2

City on fire. King die. Queen maybe die. Band take childs to orphan home. One of childs is lost Graka! Graka is safe!

After childs safe with Miss Maggie, Band see great bird and birdman fall to earth. Birdman saved by Cricket, but great bird shot with poison bolt and die. Warrior bird die well. Birdman say meet castle in morning. Tamar put on leathers, gloves of dead. Good magic, make Tamar strong.

Band see thugs beat noble. Band save noble from thugs and large dung monster that come from sewer. Also imps bite on Cricket and Locksmith. Noble give much coin to Band.

Band mean to rest in spirit home on Lancet Street, but first find doll house on fire. Devil and pet fire bird, dog burn house and dolls. Tamar strike mighty blow, chop head of devil. Keep horns for lucky. Bunny King burn much, also Cricket. When devil die, pets leave. Locksmith save Cricket, Bunny King save doll maker. Devil have magic knives.

Tamar tired then, so Band go to spirit home on Lancet Street. Spirit say she stuck in cards. Maybe help Band in future.

In morning, Band go castle to see birdman. Queen Ileosa want meet heroes who save birdman, so her warrior take us her. She have red chair, sad face. Band give trinket from thief pouch, it belong Queen. She happy, ask us help her fix city. She say we make place where childs not stolen anymore, so Tamar agree. Queen give equipment to Band.

Queen ask Band to find missing body of Thousand Bones’ grandson. Stupid cityfolk take it, not think tribes make war upon city. Stupid. Thousand Bones say grave robber name Elkaris take Gaeken body.

Cricket get Elkaris, take him to graveyard where he deliver Gaeken body. He describe dark dwarfs who bring him. Elkaris slow and stupid. Take long time for Tamar to get to beat bad ones. Finally we find tracks of small evil dwarfs, and head into crypt.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 3

Band search crypt for necromancer Rolth and body of Gaeken grandson of Thousand Bones. Necromancy death magics. First room have bone piles, Salvador say ossuary. Large bone creature, many small skeletons. Tamar smash skeleton with bow for Locksmith. Good for all Band to use magics. Cricket need magics. Bunny King face many skeletons, take many blows. Brave.

Next find small grey ones. Bunny King say derro. Derro use magics from vision quests to confuse Tamar, make Tamar stab self. Good stab! Tamar mighty with Band.

Room near derro have part of Gaeken body to feed to small poop monster. Poop monster try eat Tamar, but Tamar hop away. Like Bunny King! Suyin find many magics, spread to group. Now Cricket have good leathers.

Hallway to lair have many skull traps, plus some big skull snakes. Tamar poke out eyes while Bunny King hold doorway and Locksmith break skulls with small bugs. From arrow! Very strong. Cricket show Tamar how to duck and dodge, while feel strong.

Locksmith find many secret ways to necromancer places. Room for mixing magics and bottles have more derros. Panther spirits help Tamar kill one, and Band chase other to place with head of cabbage. It like ogre, Tamar think. It grab Bunny King and Tamar and smack them together like hands in rain dance! Tamar head still hurt. Bunny King wear metal head. Still, Tamar think it hurt, because then ogre cabbage throw him in pit with nice ladies. Band work together to kill ogre, then help nice ladies go home. One, half elf, say she reward us. Is proper.

Last room have other derro - apprentice of necromancer? - and head of Gaeken, plus horrible scrap beast. Cricket say it ‘golem’. Band smash derro good, then Golem. Golem knock over Bunny King, but Suyin save with magic potion. Band burn evil book room to ground, return to castle to rest and share treasures. Good day’s work.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 4.5
A Stirge on Society

Band take traitor guard men it capture to guard station nearby. Also bring traitor leader to Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. He repent. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft happy. Then she say of ambassador who is bad man. He odious. Tamar think that mean smelly? Field Marshall Cressida Kroft want Band go find Spider King, thump, find secret of ambassador. Spider King fight Bunny King! Much good fight, Tamar think. Spider King live on boat in Eel Butt. Band go there. Orsino talk much and much about queen and black jacks. Black Jack like guard but not guard, protect people.

Eel’s Butt as bad as Tamar expect. Many inn, many whore. Cricket and Locksmith go into Eel Butt for hours and hours. Later, battle sounds so Tamar and Bunny King charge in. Many human, spider, small dragon in cage. Spider King fight good, have spider man in bottom of ship that stick Bunny King to ground. Much blood, Tamar fall and rise again. Small dragon now pet of Locksmith. Band find paper of ambassador lover.

Field Marshall Cressida Kroft happy Band kill Spider King, sink boat, find paper. She give Band time to rest, and Pseudodragon Mark medal. Band important to city.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 5

Band in tavern when herald come, say king poisoner found in Midlands. Name Trinia, friend of Cricket. Big mob try to kill. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft say guard say lover Trinia put powder in king drink. King die. Guard who confess “jump off high tower”. City people sheep. Believe much, follow other sheep. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft say find what true happening.

Band go to Trinia home. She fleeing, so Band give chase. Tamar climb building, chase. Locksmith break Trinia rope with arrow! Locksmith master archer. Locksmith, Tamar chase Trinia on roofs. Tamar make imps angry. Cricket soothe Trinia. She go with Band, but first Black Jack hero of streets come. He nosy, ask what Band do. Band tell, make Black Jack leave. He warn of dangers.

Band dress Trinia in disguises and bring to Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. Queen Guard Captain Sabina come, be snooty. Band question Trinia with Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. She say paint only.

Tamar think Queen agents poison King and blame Trinia. Queen not popular, but if King murdered, Queen get sympathy. Queen have very loyal Guard Captain Sabina.

Band should ask spirit shaman for advice. Tamar know politics very very dangerous. Spirit no can help much, but say Guard Captain Sabina believe Trinia guilty.

Band hide Trinia away in sword man house, go to tower where dead guard kept. Cell guarded by sheep guard, he sleep when dead guard “kill self”. No track to say fight in room. Very confusing. Band find out extra person in room. No find who.

Guard Captain Sabina find stranger, name stranger Trinia, say to kill at night. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft pissed, ask Band go execution. Band go sword man house, Trinia still there. Bunny King try warn Guard Captain Sabina she lied to, but she say no.

Queen come, say words about city like her now, chop off Fake Trinia head. Black Jack come, save Fake Trinia. Band ‘chase him away’. Cricket think Fake Trinia bespelled.

Something very wrong in city of Stormhelm. It need Band help very much.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 6

Band get message from Asheron Jalento father of noble Band save from dung monster. Asheron Jalento want Band help, so Band go dinner. When Band arrive, house broken. Big big nightmare monster with – Bunny King say “tentacle” – arms. Grab Band, drag around, splash blood. Only blood not blood, blood paint? Band destroy monster, find Asheron Jalento dead. Son say monster come from painting delivered by human man. Cricket say magic leave track. Son say man have many painting. Danger to city. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft need warn.

Son say Jalento have art friend Belfor Vittanis. Band go to Belfor house, find party. Cricket and Bunny King bring Band in party. Party many drunk stupid people. Belfor have gift painting also. Band stop Belfor from open painting and let monster out on party. He friend with old lady noble.

Band go old lady noble house, find man with painting attack by winds. Winds fight Band, man cower. Band destroy wind spirit, man Darius say he “courier”. Bring painting for man in tower. Also give to artist Acherus.

Man Darius lead Band to Acherus. Tamar think people have evil name because they do something with devils. When Band come Acherus house, Acherus have already open painting of chain devils and worm devils and big big dark horse. Cricket say Acherus inside, and point at worm devil with funny eye. Band jump into painting, and scary thing happen.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 7

Band in painting, which have many worms, fire horse, hag, and chain demons. Oh, Bunny King say devils, not demons. Big fight. Hag drink life from Band, horse stomp fire. Chain devils wrap Bunny King, squeeze. Cricket shoot many bug-arrow, confuse many enemy. Band victorious.

Battle end, Band and artist in artist shop. Artist say crazy mage make crazy painting, and crazy mage angry when artist and nobles tease mage. Band get paper, say Band arrest mage Imron Gauthfellow.

Band go Imron Gauthfellow house, see puppy. Knock door, see servant with paint face. Rope for bell try and kill Bunny King. Puppy evil shadow puppy! Tamar grow very angry, spin swords, break tables, puppy, rope. Band crush furniture! Tamar now Furniture Slayer.

Upstairs, crazy mage replace hallway with crazy paintings. Band have run from many monster, creepy doll. Funny elf ghost in painting, try to kill Band. No chance. When Band escape, see Imron Gauthfellow and other Imron Gauthfellows. 4 of these. Also painting of Gauthfellows, and evil armor men, and blue imp like Majeko. Tamar smash crash crush blue imp, Cricket and Bunny King team on angry Imron Gauthfellow, and Locksmith and Tamar cut and cut and cut painting. Imron Gauthfellow by painting have mind magics, make Tamar very angry. Tamar not know what happen behind, but Locksmith fall down. Cricket is meant to help Locksmith! Tamar must speak sternly to Cricket. Band must help Band.

Band arrest last Imron Gauthfellow, take to Watch. Watch give house to Band! Now Band have strong stone tent for spirit shaman and Band. Make good home for childs. Childs like tea servant, little green thing with delicious tea. Tamar proud of Band.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 8

Band have CRAZY spirit dream. Tamar sound charge, is Horn. Spirit shaman say do what Tamar do. Cricket is sick, but not sick. Locksmith is Thornbush, and Bunny King stand and fight after all other fall. Spirit shaman say very bad thing come to city, and Band can save, but with much danger and loss. Band must not fail.

Band take Trinias to safe place not in city. Make Fake Trinia know she not Trinia. Tamar not care. Boring.

Pirate boat come to city, but guards fire catapult and break it. It sink. Foolish dock people go scavenge like rats on boat corpse. “Boat” have chest, chest have rat and moneys. Girl Breeze find chest, take money, buy candy, get sick sick. Boy Kester from orphanage find Band, get Band help.

Cricket use spirit shaman power, take sick from Breeze, put to Cricket. Cricket sick now. Locksmith try fix sick, but Cricket still sick. Cricket say sickness spread like fleas, warn Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. Band talk talk talk, then do these things. Too much talk for Tamar. Trumpet time.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 9

City sick, smell like death and fire. Band work many times to help city.

First, Band go to smell shop where cure for sickness sold. Lady there, make false cure. She make magic, cover wounds, rob poor. Band stop her, with blood. Cricket make crowd understand, go. Band try pay money back for poor.

Next, Bunny King very angry about bodies put in alley, not graves. Judger like neat and tidy graves, Tamar see. Bunny King always talk about Judger. Judger sound mean. Anyway, bodies not dead, but un-dead. Tamar, Band make re-dead. Fanged ones, clawed ones. Fanged ones bite very hard, turn to smoke, but still be hit.

Then, Band go docks where thing for cure ritual be stolen. Only not true stolen, only false stolen to sell later. Later sell is more moneys. Arkona clan evil scum. Maybe Band kill later. For now, Band find man with head of owl who talk like girl. He have stick, make lightnings. Maybe shaman of owl man tribe? Owl man have lady with swords, she fight very strong. Tamar trick owl man, make think Tamar not kill if he put stick down!

Sorry, Tamar have to stop write while she laugh. Tamar and Band beat sword lady, owl man. Bunny King not let Tamar kill owl man, say he know thing. Tamar know thing too, more than owl man, but Tamar not fight Band. Bunny King send owl man, sword lady to guard. Owl man just fly away, Tamar think. Maybe fight again someday.


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