Tamar's Log - Vol. 2

City on fire. King die. Queen maybe die. Band take childs to orphan home. One of childs is lost Graka! Graka is safe!

After childs safe with Miss Maggie, Band see great bird and birdman fall to earth. Birdman saved by Cricket, but great bird shot with poison bolt and die. Warrior bird die well. Birdman say meet castle in morning. Tamar put on leathers, gloves of dead. Good magic, make Tamar strong.

Band see thugs beat noble. Band save noble from thugs and large dung monster that come from sewer. Also imps bite on Cricket and Locksmith. Noble give much coin to Band.

Band mean to rest in spirit home on Lancet Street, but first find doll house on fire. Devil and pet fire bird, dog burn house and dolls. Tamar strike mighty blow, chop head of devil. Keep horns for lucky. Bunny King burn much, also Cricket. When devil die, pets leave. Locksmith save Cricket, Bunny King save doll maker. Devil have magic knives.

Tamar tired then, so Band go to spirit home on Lancet Street. Spirit say she stuck in cards. Maybe help Band in future.

In morning, Band go castle to see birdman. Queen Ileosa want meet heroes who save birdman, so her warrior take us her. She have red chair, sad face. Band give trinket from thief pouch, it belong Queen. She happy, ask us help her fix city. She say we make place where childs not stolen anymore, so Tamar agree. Queen give equipment to Band.

Queen ask Band to find missing body of Thousand Bones’ grandson. Stupid cityfolk take it, not think tribes make war upon city. Stupid. Thousand Bones say grave robber name Elkaris take Gaeken body.

Cricket get Elkaris, take him to graveyard where he deliver Gaeken body. He describe dark dwarfs who bring him. Elkaris slow and stupid. Take long time for Tamar to get to beat bad ones. Finally we find tracks of small evil dwarfs, and head into crypt.

Tamar's Log - Vol. 1

Tamar have dream of woman who lay cards, like some shaman Tamar hear about. Tamar is Crows, like sept. Good dream shaman, Zellara. Dream tell Tamar to meet Bunny King, Thief, and Cricket. Bunny King wear much noisy metal, and talk funny. Thief show way with large bow. Bad for horseback. Cricket sing strong battle chants, like Mother.

Woman say place to kill child stealer, want we give her cards like from dream. Group go to childs home, many childs sad but some smart. Childs tell of half-orc – half-orc! who work for child stealer. Tamar vow to kill this traitor half-orc. Bunny King talk of Judges. All turn out same thing.

Group go to fish hut to kill child stealer and half-orc. Also there man who throw glue, small man who stab Bunny King, mangy dog, shark, and crocodile. Tamar swim, fight, not kill half-orc or child stealer. Group do, though. Group strong in fighting ways. Have eyes, ears, strong arms. Child stealer fell Tamar, so Tamar not sure, but think Cricket kill child stealer. Tamar save head.

Dream shaman dead for much time. Group find head in box with cards like from dream. Tamar think cards cursed, because city burning down and city chiefs maybe is dead. Tamar try to tell group to leave…we see if group listen.

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