Paxton is a jovial bard who delights in the diversity of human(oid)ity in this glorious metropolis, and seeks to help make it a safer place.


Paxton’s natural curiosity draws him to areas of diverse population, with eventually landed him in Pillar Hill. He loves being in the heart of the Midland and being able to experience the variety of humanity it offers. While he loves the raucous enthusiasm of the Creaky Hammock and performs their occasionally, he makes his home at a small local in in Pillar Hill called the Sable Roost. The owner, Jarus McCree, is a “retired” company rider (battle injury ended his flying career), and the place is adorned generously with hippogriff feathers and other riding memorabilia. While most of the feathers are collected from those shed during the overhead patrols, current riders occasionally pop in to pay their respects or have a drink, and drop off a feather or two.

Despite the quasi-military theme, the regulars are a healthy mix of the local populace. The ale is cheap enough to keep the working class from complaining, but Jarus keeps the place respectable enough (and stocks enough of the “good stuff”) to maintain some lesser nobles, merchants, and academicians coming in as well. Jarus is a grizzled old warhorse and a man of few words. Stumping around on his wounded leg, serving drinks and offering monosyllabic comments to patrons’ tales of woe, his lack of warm hospitality is tolerated for the decent brew, best meat stew off the hill, and recently, the entertainment. Despite his outwardly gruff nature, Jarus took pity on the young city-struck troupe performer that was Paxton a few years ago, and after a lengthy conversation with the troupe’s leader, worked out a deal to allow the Thayan orphan to leave the traveling troupe and stay here in the city that so fascinated him since his arrival. Jarus allowed him to perform and a room and board in return for regular help around the inn. In the years since, they two have become close, like a gruff but caring uncle with his gleeful, misfit nephew.


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