Tamar's Log - Vol. 9

City sick, smell like death and fire. Band work many times to help city.

First, Band go to smell shop where cure for sickness sold. Lady there, make false cure. She make magic, cover wounds, rob poor. Band stop her, with blood. Cricket make crowd understand, go. Band try pay money back for poor.

Next, Bunny King very angry about bodies put in alley, not graves. Judger like neat and tidy graves, Tamar see. Bunny King always talk about Judger. Judger sound mean. Anyway, bodies not dead, but un-dead. Tamar, Band make re-dead. Fanged ones, clawed ones. Fanged ones bite very hard, turn to smoke, but still be hit.

Then, Band go docks where thing for cure ritual be stolen. Only not true stolen, only false stolen to sell later. Later sell is more moneys. Arkona clan evil scum. Maybe Band kill later. For now, Band find man with head of owl who talk like girl. He have stick, make lightnings. Maybe shaman of owl man tribe? Owl man have lady with swords, she fight very strong. Tamar trick owl man, make think Tamar not kill if he put stick down!

Sorry, Tamar have to stop write while she laugh. Tamar and Band beat sword lady, owl man. Bunny King not let Tamar kill owl man, say he know thing. Tamar know thing too, more than owl man, but Tamar not fight Band. Bunny King send owl man, sword lady to guard. Owl man just fly away, Tamar think. Maybe fight again someday.



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