Tamar's Log - Vol. 8

Band have CRAZY spirit dream. Tamar sound charge, is Horn. Spirit shaman say do what Tamar do. Cricket is sick, but not sick. Locksmith is Thornbush, and Bunny King stand and fight after all other fall. Spirit shaman say very bad thing come to city, and Band can save, but with much danger and loss. Band must not fail.

Band take Trinias to safe place not in city. Make Fake Trinia know she not Trinia. Tamar not care. Boring.

Pirate boat come to city, but guards fire catapult and break it. It sink. Foolish dock people go scavenge like rats on boat corpse. “Boat” have chest, chest have rat and moneys. Girl Breeze find chest, take money, buy candy, get sick sick. Boy Kester from orphanage find Band, get Band help.

Cricket use spirit shaman power, take sick from Breeze, put to Cricket. Cricket sick now. Locksmith try fix sick, but Cricket still sick. Cricket say sickness spread like fleas, warn Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. Band talk talk talk, then do these things. Too much talk for Tamar. Trumpet time.



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