Tamar's Log - Vol. 7

Band in painting, which have many worms, fire horse, hag, and chain demons. Oh, Bunny King say devils, not demons. Big fight. Hag drink life from Band, horse stomp fire. Chain devils wrap Bunny King, squeeze. Cricket shoot many bug-arrow, confuse many enemy. Band victorious.

Battle end, Band and artist in artist shop. Artist say crazy mage make crazy painting, and crazy mage angry when artist and nobles tease mage. Band get paper, say Band arrest mage Imron Gauthfellow.

Band go Imron Gauthfellow house, see puppy. Knock door, see servant with paint face. Rope for bell try and kill Bunny King. Puppy evil shadow puppy! Tamar grow very angry, spin swords, break tables, puppy, rope. Band crush furniture! Tamar now Furniture Slayer.

Upstairs, crazy mage replace hallway with crazy paintings. Band have run from many monster, creepy doll. Funny elf ghost in painting, try to kill Band. No chance. When Band escape, see Imron Gauthfellow and other Imron Gauthfellows. 4 of these. Also painting of Gauthfellows, and evil armor men, and blue imp like Majeko. Tamar smash crash crush blue imp, Cricket and Bunny King team on angry Imron Gauthfellow, and Locksmith and Tamar cut and cut and cut painting. Imron Gauthfellow by painting have mind magics, make Tamar very angry. Tamar not know what happen behind, but Locksmith fall down. Cricket is meant to help Locksmith! Tamar must speak sternly to Cricket. Band must help Band.

Band arrest last Imron Gauthfellow, take to Watch. Watch give house to Band! Now Band have strong stone tent for spirit shaman and Band. Make good home for childs. Childs like tea servant, little green thing with delicious tea. Tamar proud of Band.



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