Tamar's Log - Vol. 6

Band get message from Asheron Jalento father of noble Band save from dung monster. Asheron Jalento want Band help, so Band go dinner. When Band arrive, house broken. Big big nightmare monster with – Bunny King say “tentacle” – arms. Grab Band, drag around, splash blood. Only blood not blood, blood paint? Band destroy monster, find Asheron Jalento dead. Son say monster come from painting delivered by human man. Cricket say magic leave track. Son say man have many painting. Danger to city. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft need warn.

Son say Jalento have art friend Belfor Vittanis. Band go to Belfor house, find party. Cricket and Bunny King bring Band in party. Party many drunk stupid people. Belfor have gift painting also. Band stop Belfor from open painting and let monster out on party. He friend with old lady noble.

Band go old lady noble house, find man with painting attack by winds. Winds fight Band, man cower. Band destroy wind spirit, man Darius say he “courier”. Bring painting for man in tower. Also give to artist Acherus.

Man Darius lead Band to Acherus. Tamar think people have evil name because they do something with devils. When Band come Acherus house, Acherus have already open painting of chain devils and worm devils and big big dark horse. Cricket say Acherus inside, and point at worm devil with funny eye. Band jump into painting, and scary thing happen.



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