Tamar's Log - Vol. 5

Band in tavern when herald come, say king poisoner found in Midlands. Name Trinia, friend of Cricket. Big mob try to kill. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft say guard say lover Trinia put powder in king drink. King die. Guard who confess “jump off high tower”. City people sheep. Believe much, follow other sheep. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft say find what true happening.

Band go to Trinia home. She fleeing, so Band give chase. Tamar climb building, chase. Locksmith break Trinia rope with arrow! Locksmith master archer. Locksmith, Tamar chase Trinia on roofs. Tamar make imps angry. Cricket soothe Trinia. She go with Band, but first Black Jack hero of streets come. He nosy, ask what Band do. Band tell, make Black Jack leave. He warn of dangers.

Band dress Trinia in disguises and bring to Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. Queen Guard Captain Sabina come, be snooty. Band question Trinia with Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. She say paint only.

Tamar think Queen agents poison King and blame Trinia. Queen not popular, but if King murdered, Queen get sympathy. Queen have very loyal Guard Captain Sabina.

Band should ask spirit shaman for advice. Tamar know politics very very dangerous. Spirit no can help much, but say Guard Captain Sabina believe Trinia guilty.

Band hide Trinia away in sword man house, go to tower where dead guard kept. Cell guarded by sheep guard, he sleep when dead guard “kill self”. No track to say fight in room. Very confusing. Band find out extra person in room. No find who.

Guard Captain Sabina find stranger, name stranger Trinia, say to kill at night. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft pissed, ask Band go execution. Band go sword man house, Trinia still there. Bunny King try warn Guard Captain Sabina she lied to, but she say no.

Queen come, say words about city like her now, chop off Fake Trinia head. Black Jack come, save Fake Trinia. Band ‘chase him away’. Cricket think Fake Trinia bespelled.

Something very wrong in city of Stormhelm. It need Band help very much.



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