Tamar's Log - Vol. 4.5

A Stirge on Society

Band take traitor guard men it capture to guard station nearby. Also bring traitor leader to Field Marshall Cressida Kroft. He repent. Field Marshall Cressida Kroft happy. Then she say of ambassador who is bad man. He odious. Tamar think that mean smelly? Field Marshall Cressida Kroft want Band go find Spider King, thump, find secret of ambassador. Spider King fight Bunny King! Much good fight, Tamar think. Spider King live on boat in Eel Butt. Band go there. Orsino talk much and much about queen and black jacks. Black Jack like guard but not guard, protect people.

Eel’s Butt as bad as Tamar expect. Many inn, many whore. Cricket and Locksmith go into Eel Butt for hours and hours. Later, battle sounds so Tamar and Bunny King charge in. Many human, spider, small dragon in cage. Spider King fight good, have spider man in bottom of ship that stick Bunny King to ground. Much blood, Tamar fall and rise again. Small dragon now pet of Locksmith. Band find paper of ambassador lover.

Field Marshall Cressida Kroft happy Band kill Spider King, sink boat, find paper. She give Band time to rest, and Pseudodragon Mark medal. Band important to city.



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