Tamar's Log - Vol. 3

Band search crypt for necromancer Rolth and body of Gaeken grandson of Thousand Bones. Necromancy death magics. First room have bone piles, Salvador say ossuary. Large bone creature, many small skeletons. Tamar smash skeleton with bow for Locksmith. Good for all Band to use magics. Cricket need magics. Bunny King face many skeletons, take many blows. Brave.

Next find small grey ones. Bunny King say derro. Derro use magics from vision quests to confuse Tamar, make Tamar stab self. Good stab! Tamar mighty with Band.

Room near derro have part of Gaeken body to feed to small poop monster. Poop monster try eat Tamar, but Tamar hop away. Like Bunny King! Suyin find many magics, spread to group. Now Cricket have good leathers.

Hallway to lair have many skull traps, plus some big skull snakes. Tamar poke out eyes while Bunny King hold doorway and Locksmith break skulls with small bugs. From arrow! Very strong. Cricket show Tamar how to duck and dodge, while feel strong.

Locksmith find many secret ways to necromancer places. Room for mixing magics and bottles have more derros. Panther spirits help Tamar kill one, and Band chase other to place with head of cabbage. It like ogre, Tamar think. It grab Bunny King and Tamar and smack them together like hands in rain dance! Tamar head still hurt. Bunny King wear metal head. Still, Tamar think it hurt, because then ogre cabbage throw him in pit with nice ladies. Band work together to kill ogre, then help nice ladies go home. One, half elf, say she reward us. Is proper.

Last room have other derro - apprentice of necromancer? - and head of Gaeken, plus horrible scrap beast. Cricket say it ‘golem’. Band smash derro good, then Golem. Golem knock over Bunny King, but Suyin save with magic potion. Band burn evil book room to ground, return to castle to rest and share treasures. Good day’s work.



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