Tamar's Log - Vol. 11

Queen have big meeting. Queen need learn big meeting make badness. New doctor from dust plain, bring warrior women, priest in birdman masks. Group fix disease, rank over guards, no report Field Marshal Cressida Kroft. Field Marshal Cressida Kroft angry. Make sense. Queen not smart, bring outland army to city, push city people around. Trouble coming.

Doctor say close bridge to poor town, put guards to stop people coming. Not right. Make big trouble in city, more riot, people die. Band must try to stop this. Doctor man seem okay, but Tamar not see hearts. Time shows.

Little ratman find Band, say him boss crazy, bring rat army, attack city. Many stupid people think attack city, find Band stop them. This time no different. Band go stink tunnel, find boss ratman. Him fight good! Knock Tamar around, whack head, bite and bite. Bunny King shine bright, make rats fight him, win battle. Tamar fight not so good, but help Band anyway. Then big poop monster come. It talk! Never hear of this. It die fast.

Bunny King church - this like shaman gathering - say dead no stay dead, must do magics to stop. Magics make dead angry, Band defend from attacks. Many ghost come. Make head whisper, some on fire, some just ugly. Tamar and Band smash all. Fire ones make big boom when die, give plague to Cricket, but Cricket too tricksy for plague. Maybe Tamar wear birdman mask too!!

Not really.



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